Detailer/Leather Cleaner

Top-Rev Interior Detailer/Leather Cleaner

This PH balanced formula contains three gentle cleaning agents to safely remove dirt from leather and vinyl surfaces. All natural "Neatsfoot Oil," and a UV inhibiter conditions and protects your surface from cracking and aging.

Top-Rev's Leather Cleaner is designed to keep your leather seats and trim looking and feeling showroom new without leaving any greasy residue. Top-Rev Leather Cleaner gently cleans, revitalizes, moistureizes and provides a UV sunscreen to protect from aging and cracking. Works great on vinyl type surfaces too.

Shake bottle before use. Fold a clean, barely damp microfiber towel into a square. Spray Hi-Rev Leather Cleaner directly onto the towel. Thoroughly wipe all leather/vinyl surfaces, applying additional Leather Cleaner to towel as needed. Finish by buffing with clean dry microfiber towel.

Note: It's always a good idea with any cleaning agent to check for colorfastness on a small inconspicuous area.